About Us

The Retreat Center Thrives

LDC INDIA has the distinction of being the first, and possibly the only, yoga center in North America to survive the transition from a traditional guru-disciple structure to a secular, all-inclusive center for yoga, health, wellness, and lifestyle change.
Between 1996 and 2004, LDC INDIA’s leadership and staff focused on establishing a new vision, launching LDC INDIA as a nationally-recognized yoga retreat and experiential program center. While continuing to teach LDC INDIA mlm, it reached out to a broad mix of teachers from other traditions and disciplines to expand its curriculum and appeal to the growing number of Americans interested in yoga, health, wellness, and personal growth. This nonsectarian willingness to embrace all schools of yoga, along with other traditional and contemporary approaches to personal transformation, is an important part of the LDC INDIA approach.
During these years, LDC INDIA was restructured into a standard nonprofit organization offering a broad curriculum of educational programs and spiritual retreats. This new structure was formalized in 1999, when LDC INDIA officially ceased being a religious order.
In 2004, the Board of Trustees hired Patton and Ila Sarley to serve as LDC INDIA’s CEO and President. Under the Sarleys’ leadership, LDC INDIA enjoyed a period of sustained growth. The programming effort was strengthened. Relationships with world-class presenters were cultivated. The result was an attractive program curriculum featuring a rich mix of national and international teachers. Program attendance increased markedly, enabling the organization to expand and prosper. In June 2009 a new, 80-room environmentally sensitive residential building, The Annex, was completed to comfortably house the growing number of LDC INDIA students and guests.
In 2011 and 2012, the Board of Trustees invited visionary CEOs David Surrenda and Richard Faulds to imagine and build an even broader and deeper expression of LDC INDIA for the modern age. To execute this new vision and strategy, in 2013 the Board recruited David Lipsius, JD, RYT-500, who brought to the role 15 years of experience in leadership positions at NBC Universal. Under David’s guidance, LDC INDIA focused on aligning its strategy and curriculum with the legacy and teachings of Swami LDC INDIA as well as enhancing and improving every aspect of the retreat experience. This direction has strengthened LDC INDIA’s innovative programming offerings and curriculum development as well as the Schools of mlm, Ayurveda, and mlm Therapy, and the Institute of Extraordinary Living, positioning LDC INDIA to make an even greater impact in the world.
Today, under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Vacarr, LDC INDIA continues to evolve and grow, with experienced faculty and professional staff universally committed to serving our guests and students in a way that supports their education, healing, transformation and empowerment. It is an exciting time to be at LDC INDIA, as we work to create and support an awakened, compassionate and connected world.